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We created this page specially to show our customers the FAQ, that we are almost constantly asked day in and day out. Here you can read all about the most common questions Leeds residents can ask locksmiths! We hope you can find your perfect answer and get useful information about our work that we are happily doing all over Leeds for over 10 years!

For fun, we placed the questions in ascending order starting with the most often asked.

Are You Emergency Locksmiths?

The short answer would have to be that yes, we are indeed emergency locksmiths. This means so many things, but the general gist of it is that we can come quickly and not just during what is regarded as usual hours of operation but we are a 24h locksmith in Leeds. An emergency locksmith can be called over to do an urgent window locks repair, cylinder repair or just a regular lock change. At Kyox Locksmiths of Leeds, we are for sure your way back into your house.

Locked Out of House?

If you cannot open a door lock, that, through which portal you are led into your house of residence, then you are quite possibly in a bit of serious trouble! We are frequently asked what to do in this most unbearable of scenarios. Bad weather, urgent need or other reasons. Our Locksmiths were called for lockout assistance in more than 63% of cases this year. You have a few options:

  • Find the second keyset. This will work if you have one.
  • Try to unlock it yourself. This will work if you know how. Warning! Don't try to do it the first time to the instructions seen on YouTube. It can damage the lock and make it unworkable.
  • Ask a neighbour or a friend to unlock it for you. This will work if your friend/good neighbour knows how to do it and is always at home. Hm, there are some doubts
  • Call the professional locksmith in Leeds. This will work every time. A professional locksmith will save you time and lock, no matter if you have a uPVC lock or high-security lock.

I Lost House Keys, What Should I Do?

If you happen to have lost your only set of house keys, first of all, calm down and try to look for your keys in all possible places. We always ask our customers if they can remember where they last had their keys and often, they remember and thank us profusely. However, on the occasion when a mislaid key cannot be discovered we will come over to your house and let you back in by either picking the lock or removing it, thus ensuring that your home security is not at risk.

I Want to Change My Front Door Lock. What Should I Consider?

When choosing a lock for the front or back door, do not think about savings. Want to be safe, get ready to empty your pockets. Even the reinforced door will not protect you from uninvited visitors if a simple locking mechanism is installed. Therefore, consider two points: the quality of the door itself and the type of your locks. Pay attention to criteria such as burglar resistance and brand. For the locks:

  • no structural defects, movable elements should not have large backlash;
  • the quality of the locking mechanism - the key should enter the keyhole softly, but at the same time, not falling out;
  • preferred the locking mechanism made of steel, as the brass can be easily drilled.

Consider the installation of two diverse types of locks on your door frame -it will take more time for a criminal to deal with two completely different locking systems.

"Tell Me About the Window Protection Film"

Security window film, Safety window film, you can meet these names, however, the gist is the same - a preventative solution for reducing the risk of injury to people and property damage. This is an old and simple option; the main feature is a shockproof film of 120 microns thick put on the glass. It fastens the window and does not let it scatter into small pieces when broken. The problem - it cannot hold back a thief for a long time. He can cut it when discovers it.

Safe Opening. How It Can Be?

There are safes equipped with a simple key lock - most likely that the key will be lost, broken or left inside the safe box. Even with the warranty the elements of the locking mechanism may wear and tear with time, which could possibly cause the lock jamming. Digital lock is much more reliable. However, the entered code may be lost or forgotten, or the electronic system may fail. If you have faced such a situation, do not panic, call the expert locksmith - he professionally performs the opening of locks, without damaging the safe.

What Is the Main Difference Between Commercial and Residential Locksmith Services?

The purpose and type of access points, mostly. For example, if you are a business owner and have a staff of over 10 people in control, it is not reasonable to make keys for everyone. You would prefer keyless access or electronic fobs. These options will save your keyhole or cylinder locks from damage in constant usage. Check all locksmith services we offer.

Don't be afraid to ask your question our experienced technician on 0113 322 9285. We can make a full on-site inspection and home security check if needed. Kyox Locksmiths of Leeds will save your time and money.

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