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Kyox Locksmiths of Leeds specialises in all kinds of lock services such as lock repair, lock replacement and full fresh lock installations. We also provide round-the-clock emergency locksmith services.

Locks and Keys in Leeds

If you're looking for a solution to a lock and key issues for your home, business, shed, garage, outbuilding or anywhere else that has a lock that needs opening, just call our locksmiths in Leeds, West Yorkshire LS2 and we'll happily help you. We provide a variety of lock solutions such as: door locks, anti-snap uPVC locks, high-security locks, master key suites, keyless door locks, digital locks, combination locks, safety locks, window locks and more!

We offer the best value around - to be sure just call Kyox Locksmiths of Leeds for a free estimate and ask us about our fast response times and no call-out fees 24/7.

Upgrading Security in West Yorkshire

If you would like to improve security for your home or business, you may think first about a new lock for the entrance door. Our locksmiths will gladly help you select a lock that meets your needs, but we can also suggest other improvements that could really make a difference. How do you get started? Kyox Locksmiths of Leeds will conduct a complete security survey on site, so we can see the neighbourhood, street and even the garden. We'll help you plan the right steps to protect your property. So if you're looking to have a new door lock fitted in Pudsey or you're locked out in Morley, give your local locksmiths in Leeds a call!

Security Services By Professional Leeds Locksmith

  • No call-out charge!
  • Reliable 24 hour locksmith service
  • Prompt lockout assistance
  • Burglary repairs
  • 24 hr lock picking service
  • Local locksmith Leeds

Local Locksmiths in Leeds

Our locksmiths are available anytime in and around Leeds, including auto locksmith roadside assistance. Our local service area includes the nearby areas of Rothwell, Morley, Pudsey, Horsforth, Guisely, Roundhay, Chapel Allerton and Garforth. Within Leeds itself, you will often find us in Holbeck, Headingley and Harehills. We are your locksmith of choice for all of your residential and commercial locksmith needs. Call our locksmiths anytime at 0113 322 9285.

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Emergency LockoutsEmergency Lockouts
Door & Window Locks FittingDoor & Window Locks Fitting
Lock ReplacementsReplacements
Lock RepairsRepairs
Boarding & Burglary RepairsBoarding & Burglary Repairs
Broken Key ExtractionBroken Key Extraction
Opening SafesOpening Safes
uPVC Door & Window SpecialistsuPVC Door & Window Specialists
Garage LocksGarage Locks
Additional SecurityAdditional Security


Home Security

Home Security

  • Home security upgrade
  • Window and door lock replacement
  • Lock repair and lock fitting services
  • Lock change service for your doors and windows
  • Installation of high security locks
  • uPVC door repair
  • Lock picking
Business Security Locksmiths

Business Security

  • Commercial locksmith service and office security
  • Fast lock change service
  • Rekey for residential & commercial properties
  • CCTV
  • Access control locks for commercial properties
  • Intercom systems
  • Digital locks
  • Remote control locking systems
Emergency Locksmith

Emergency Locksmith

Leeds Locksmiths are here to help you solve your lock and key problems as quickly and as professionally as possible and provide a prompt emergency locksmith service. Read More...


Locksmith Services with the Focus on uPVC

As for the uPVC doors, locks, fast and damage free change / installation and other services that we provide all around West Yorkshire. We are trusted providers with the years of experience, so you can be calm in your decision to book a uPVC lock service with us, Kyox Locksmiths of Leeds. This can, of course, be arranged over the phone by dialling our number 0113 322 9285 or by filling in our online contact form right here on this website. It is important to provide a locksmith with all the details, so he or she can see in what matter you are needing help.

If your home is furnished with uPVC window and door, we would be happy to come around and service you whether in your patio, living room or in your conservatory! If you need, we offer same day service as well as cosmetic and structural repairs. We provide non-damage locksmith services, to reduce the mess and destructions can be made to your property, door or window frames.

Even though we offer wide range of locksmith services, if you need uPVC lock change, we are good at faulty lock repair, cylinder repair and lock replacement. Before calling out a locksmith we always recommend you first try some simple tricks to get your door opened again. For example, if a key is not turning you can try unlocking the lock from the other side and this can on some occasions release the mechanism without further ado. Another tip is to use a lubricant like WD40 to get things going again.

Open a UPVC Door Lock

Can you not open a uPVC door lock? Well we are certainly sorry to hear your bad news and hope that we will be able to help you with rectifying the matter together with you. Perhaps, your issues lie in the handle. Whatever the reason, and it could be one of any number of reasons, your home security is now at big risk. If you try to open it with force you will probably make the bad door even less good. Sometimes it is just a really simple case of needing a little bit of lubrication.

Damage Free Opening

If like us, you do not like damage then you will certainly be pleased to hear of our damage free opening services that are often required during what can only be termed as "emergency locksmiths" situations. An emergency locksmith is most likely needed when you have to open something in a hurry be it a door, window or storehouse. We use non-destructive techniques and don't intent to knock out your lock to get more money, leaving your door or window frame damaged. But as luck would have it, we advertise a 24- hour locksmith in Leeds! Just get on with it and call us up at 0113 322 9285 for options available.

UPVC Door Lock Change

These days almost all uPVC doors come with high security locks that are making them secure. Our locksmith services are required when a lock is not working very well, or the doors are not sliding like they used to. Contact us for detailed information and free estimation: whether you really need a uPVC window or door lock to be changed and what is exactly the problem. You will get the professional solution.

Remember: sometimes it can be impossible to determine the reason of malfunction over the phone. It could be not obvious, like break-in or snapped lock. Or other lock and key issues can be revealed during the maintenance. Preferably, a locksmith does on-site inspection.

Front/Back Door Lock Change

If you are thinking that you might fancy a back door servicing such as lock change or even perhaps a front door lock change, then you will want to be soliciting the services of a decent locksmith in Leeds. Today, lock picking is a common thing, you can find all the information how to open a lock in the Internet. So, what can we do to protect our front and back doors and windows?

There are several options you can use:

  • additional lock installation (anti-snap, anti-drill locks) or
  • doors and windows reinforcement (including latches, etc) or
  • metal doors with reinforced door hinges installation or
  • usage of the hidden "invisible" locks will bring a lot of trouble to a burglar, because such locks does not have a keyhole; it will not be opened with lock pick tools. Depending on the manufacturer, you can order a convenient remote control for unlocking the electronic lock, or a call from a mobile phone. Note: not all manufactures in United Kingdom offer such types of locks and services, it is better to make an offer beforehand.

If you want to know more about professional security in Leeds, please do call our helpful staff who will elucidate on this matter.